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Healthy nutrition

In the world there is a huge number of various power supply systems. The healthy nutrition, observance of the basic rules has to be carried out throughout all life, but not in a certain period. The balanced diet has to become a way of life.

Scientists of many countries already proved that the human body submits to laws of thermodynamics. In this regard, at the heart of healthy and good nutrition there is a principle: power value has to correspond to power expenses of an organism.

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  • 21 March 2012, 12:13

Advantages of "Goods of World"

Advantages of «Goods of World» to consumers.

Only in «Goods of World» the buyer has an opportunity to buy goods really at wholesale prices not in words, and in reality.
Only in «Goods of World» consumers receive the freshest goods which are just made by plant.
Only in «Goods of World» the range for buyers has no borders, everything is on sale, except perishable goods here.

Advantages of «Goods of World» to businessmen, online stores, retail shops.

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  • 20 March 2012, 13:14

In the beginning there was an IDEA.


1999, city of Guangzhou (Province of Guangdong, People's Republic of China). By this time the idea to coordinate work of departments of sale of plants of a local zone of free business ripened.


Creation of coordination structure for more effective management of sales of products of group of the local enterprises.


Experiment with uniform information base was crowned with certain success. It was an incitement to accession to a network and other all province plants.
«Goods of World» began to carry out different functions — coordination, volumes, to the range of production, concerning standard, to the integrated orders of raw materials, a packing material, coordination of many organizational issues. It provided development and further strengthening of the general business.


Progress of experiment with coordination structure was met with enthusiasm from production workers and marketers on the majority of the provinces of the People's Republic of China and even other countries of the region.
The coordination council saw in it a world tendency. Creation of interstate structure on coordination of production and sale is considered. The structure on formation of demand and sales promotion of production of the international group of production companies is also formed.

Creation of a uniform network of sale.

To the production workers united in group, it is convenient to deal, respectively, with the organized consumer. Benefit mutual. One secure the consolidated orders, information on perspective orders and perhaps contract manufacturing — everything that is important for stability and conditions of expansion of production.
Others, in the person of organized members of society «Goods of World» receive steadily favorable prices, under control quality of production, pre-sale service for durable goods and some other advantages.
Thanks to the union of production workers and «Goods of World» the market more and more gains civilized character. That is especially important during the periods of economic recessions.
  • 20 March 2012, 11:51